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Top 100 Fast Growing Companies List

Ampco Manufacturers Inc. is proud to announce that we have made the 2014 Business In Vancouver Top 100 Fast Growing Companies List. The Top 100 Fast Growing Companies List is a measure of revenue growth over 5 years (2009 through 2013). We are absolutely thrilled to have made this year’s list. Huge thank you to [...]

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Ampco diversifies through strategic acquisition of Innovative Signage

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October 1, 2013: Ampco Manufacturers Inc. (Ampco) today announced that it has acquired John Peachey and Associates Innovative Signage (Innovative Signage), a specialist in offering full range sign products and services including design, construction and installation of all exterior and interior signage. North Vancouver-based Innovative Signage has developed a reputation for exceeding customer expectations by [...]

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What the C-TPAT Certification Means for Ampco Clients

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The C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) certification means that the US Customs and Border Protection has verified the high standards of security in both the supply chain and on the premises of Ampco Manufacturers. Some privileges extended to C-TPAT members include faster processing at borders and priority processing in the event of a national emergency [...]

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Why Use Membrane Switches?


Tactility is what enables us to select components faster with fewer errors. But it is this characteristic that also gives way to more wear and tear as fingers depress switches, particularly over a prolonged period of use. Membrane switches, on the other hand, offer more durability. Key benefits of membrane switches: Durable Membrane switches typically [...]

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Uses of Asset Tags


An “asset tag” is a phrase that is composed of two self-explanatory words. Asset can refer to any type of item that may belong to an individual, a particular group, an organization or the government. The term tag refers to any kind of label. Therefore, asset tag is also commonly known as an asset label. [...]

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Use of Graphic Overlays in Everyday Life


Countless products we use today involve the use of graphics. Graphics make a product not only look better but also make it more user-friendly. Ranging from microwaves to calculators, the equipment that you use every day has a strong graphic element which is often achieved with the use of graphic overlays. They are used as [...]

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Advantages of custom labels


Labels are used for a variety of purposes in the commercial world. By definition they are a simple adhesive material that contains the image or the name of a brand. These labels are stuck over packages, parcels, products, clothes, as well as many other types of media. The unspoken use of labels is for brand [...]

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Excel in your advertising strategies using digital printing


Advertising is one of the best methods of letting people know of a new product or service. There are many ways in which you can do this, across various forms of print media and one of them is digital printing. Advertising involves using different platforms like banners, pamphlets, billboards, hoardings and now also social media [...]

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What is digital printing and what are its advantages?


Since the advent of computers, human beings have seen a revolution in many fields. One such revolution in the history of printing is digital printing which is done through the use of computers and high volume printers. The process of digital printing involves printing an image or document stored on a computer or any other [...]

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Bringing Christmas Cheer to those in need!


Ampco staff hold month-long fundraiser. Christmas is a time for giving and receiving presents from loved ones, but also a time to remember that some in the community are not so lucky.  In these difficult economic times, support for the community is all the more important, that’s why Ampco Staff pooled together this month to [...]

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Why choose Ampco?

Lunch n’ Learn

The easiest way to get to know us is by joining us for lunch. While you enjoy a bite to eat, we take you through how Ampco works and how we provide our clients with new and creative ideas and new solutions for your business.

We will speak to you about the current technologies available from wall murals to vehicle wraps. Anything that will help you understand what an asset we can be to you and your business. You will gain insight on how far the world of graphics has come and how it is actualized in real world environments with concrete examples. Staying abreast of top trends and technologies developed in our industry is a significant part of our day to day operations and that knowledge is passed on to you to achieve your intended design vision or brand impact goals. There are things that we can do that you haven’t thought possible, and we are always looking to push the envelope with new projects.

To register for a lunch n’ learn session please contact us for more information.

Plant tour at Ampco Manufacturers Inc.

Our 63,000 square-foot manufacturing plant and headquarters is located in Coquitlam, BC. If you’re in the area and would like to see where your ideas are created, implemented and delivered, schedule a tour of our plant. Our account executives offer the insight needed for you to truly understand our capacity, our processes and our dedication to our clients and staff.

Why choose Ampco

We are so passionate about bringing your concepts to life by finding the best ideas that suit your business requirements. Our durable, premium quality products can satisfy needs that you may not even have known about or considered. Withour team as your partners, we can propose concepts and designs that include:wall graphics, window graphics, vehicle wraps, floor graphics, banners andsignage. We have been in business for almost fifty years and our expert knowledge of the industry and high standards of quality go into delivering your message and getting you noticed. We can design and create wall murals to brighten up a room, or produce banner signs and vinyl printing at conferences with easy installation and take down.

Our project management strategies help you manage your projects from start to finish, and with the large number of partnerships Ampco has forged with suppliers, we can do it all with a one-window approach. This helps you keep costs low and the consistency of your product is assured with our streamlined delivery.

Our staff are the best in the industry, our customer service is excellent and our continuous improvement strategies are always working to find the best way to operate, focusing on cost-efficiency and outstanding products as well as installation and removal services. As your printing partners, we remove all concerns from the concept to creation of your products. We assist you every step of the way.

We cannot convey how excited we are about what we do every day, and the amazing opportunities we have been involved in and how we take your success as a direct performance measure to our own success. Click here to hear some feedback from past and current clients, from local companies to some of the world’s largest and best known brands.

Our Certifications
  • ISO 14001 Registered Firm
  • G7
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